Ancient Fire

When did people start making fire?  The earliest discussion of burning or fire I can find in Genesis is Noah’s sacrifice after the Flood.  We might presume that the offering that sparked (see what I did there?) Abel’s murder was also a burnt sacrifice, but Genesis doesn’t say that.  It just says they brought offerings.  … More Ancient Fire

The Art of the Neandertal

New research from the Max Planck Institute implicates Neandertals in the creation of tools and ornaments from the Grotto du Renne deposits in France.  The work by Welker and colleagues describes molecular analysis of bone fragments recovered from the Châtelperronian deposits of Grotto du Renne.  The Châtelperronian is known for its sophisticated tools, body ornaments, and pigments, all of … More The Art of the Neandertal

Call for Papers: Human Origins 2017

The question of our own human creation has become increasingly contentious among evangelical theologians and scientists.  Some theologians insist that the historicity of Adam and Eve is not theologically important, and evolutionary scientists continue to maintain that human evolution does not support the descent of modern humans from a single couple.  New fossil discoveries regularly … More Call for Papers: Human Origins 2017

Neandertals Continue to Surprise in the South of France

New research on a cave in southwestern France is once again highlighting how advanced Neandertals really were. We already knew Neandertals were able to fashion sophisticated stone tools, use fire, and bury their dead. There’s also sparse evidence of bone tools, jewelry, and pigments all made by Neandertals. In the young-age creationist community, the consensus … More Neandertals Continue to Surprise in the South of France

Introducing Human Genesis

I’ve been writing about human origins for more than 20 years.  My first formal creationist publication was a letter to the editor of the Creation Research Society Quarterly about the “Mitochondrial Eve.”  Later, I commented on the human genome for ICR [PDF], and the chimp genome for the Creation Biology Society.  My most significant work on human origins … More Introducing Human Genesis