Human Genesis presents and explains high quality information on human origins from a young-age creationist perspective.

Human origins and the historical Adam are important subjects for Christians, but it’s challenging to find reliable information from a young-age creationist perspective.  Everyone seems to have an opinion, and it’s hard to know what’s reliable.  Human Genesis is a gateway to the best of creationist writings and research on human origins.  Everything from “cave man” fossils to the human genome will eventually be covered here, along with perspectives on the latest discoveries.

Other creationist sites focus almost exclusively on apologetics and why evolution is false.  At Human Genesis, we emphasize constructing a comprehensive explanation of the scientific and biblical evidence of human origins.  Only when we have a good understanding of the truth can we be confident about what is false.  Human Genesis is an ongoing project and will be regularly updated.  Check back regularly for new research and commentary.

Human Genesis is sponsored by Core Academy of Science and edited by Todd Charles Wood.  Dr. Wood has a Ph.D. in biochemistry and is the president of Core Academy and the Creation Biology Society.


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