Call for Papers: Human Origins 2017

The question of our own human creation has become increasingly contentious among evangelical theologians and scientists.  Some theologians insist that the historicity of Adam and Eve is not theologically important, and evolutionary scientists continue to maintain that human evolution does not support the descent of modern humans from a single couple.  New fossil discoveries regularly grab the spotlight with headlines proclaiming a new human “ancestor.”  Traditional beliefs in a historical Adam and creationism seem to be losing popularity among college-educated evangelicals.

In response to this growing enthusiasm for evolution, the editorial board of the Journal for Creation Theology and Science Series B: Life Sciences has launched an annual special issue devoted to multidisciplinary, young-age creationist perspectives and research on human origins.  The first human origins issue with nine open-access papers was published online in May, 2016 and received more than 1700 views in nine weeks.  Papers focused on the recently described Homo naledi fossils from South Africa, with scientific commentary from the UK and USA.

This new publication effort provides a freely-available, scholarly forum where young-age creationists can demonstrate their essential unity and provide a credible alternative understanding of fossils, genomics, and social and cultural anthropology.

The JCTSB editorial board invites manuscript submissions for the 2017 special issue on human origins.  Contributions can include original research or theology articles, short research reports, editorial perspectives, review articles, and book reviews.  All submissions will be subject to standard peer review prior to publication.  Author guidelines and instructions can be found at the JCTSB website,  Email questions to

The submission deadline for consideration for the 2017 special human origins issue is December 30, 2016.